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Epona Arabians & Shire Sport Horses


Welcome to the home of Epona Arabians

Humble Beginnings

We started out on a small five-acre plot of rented land.  As we purchased more horses, we knew we needed a much bigger place with more than 3 stalls.

After much searching, we found the perfect place near Henry Hagg Lake in Gaston, Oregon.  It wasn’t much when we started, but now many years later, it has realized much of its potential. Our broodmares enjoy being turned out year round and are fed a diet that keeps them healthy and happy.  When it comes to foaling, our mares are brought in at least a month before.  From that point on, they are under surveillance. We have cameras in the main barn for our smaller broodmares and another camera in the arena where we have a 24x24 foaling stall for our shire mares. We also have three foal paddocks as well as three stallion runs.  All of our stallions are easily handled and enjoy grazing outside in their paddock in view of the mares.

All year round, we enjoy many different kinds of wildlife; from deer and elk to wild turkey. We have a resident herd of deer that find sanctuary in our shelter in the bottom pasture and are comfortable enough to deliver their fawns every year. Come fall in love with this place we call home and enjoy the drive around the lake on the way up to see us.

How we got started

After moving here from England, we knew our daughter missed her pony back home. So we found the first barn we could, and took her. It was there that she feel in love with a black and white shetland mare name Tonka.  Unfortunately, after only one year together, Tonka had to be put down.  We searched for another pony for our daughter and came across a 25 year old Welsh cross mare named Sunday. Sunday was a retired show jumper but she still loved to show even at 25.  Amazingly, we bought Sunday and all her tack for $200. When we moved to Oregon, we took Sunday and an old pony named Teddy with us. Although we lived in Lake Oswego, we boarded our two ponies down at Mulberry Lane Farms, an Arabian & Champion Friesian breeder near Salem.  When we visited them, I could see both myself and my daughter falling in love with the beautiful Arab. When my daughter started to outgrow her pony, Jeannie helped us track down an Arab mare for her to continue riding on. We found our first Arab in Albany. A 3 1/2 year old  mare. She is our foundation mare now. After Phoebe, came her colt Harley, named lovingly after my husband's bike ... if he was allowed a Harley, then I was allowed a Harley.  Harley (the horse) no longer belongs to us but was purchased by a loving family. After Harley came Nabrianna, an amazing little Arab mare with outstanding bloodlines.  One day Jeannie pulled me aside and said she was selling her stallion Ibn.  Knowing how much I loved that horse, my wonderful husband bought him as a birthday present for me. It was the happiest day of my life!  Soon, we moved from Scholls to our present home.  I was allowed to bring IBN home finally. Since then we have acquired quite a few more horses, but they all have a special place in our heart.

The Boss

Pauline Gray is the foundation of Epona Arabians & Shire Sport Horses. Although her children now have their own lives and only occasionally pitch in here, she is not only responsible for all of her own 18+ horses, but finds time to be manager for another lively barn. 




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